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Welcome to FMS

- a polytechnical college covering Southern Denmark


Fredericia College of Marine and Technical Engineering (FMS) has three campuses in Southern Denmark, in Fredericia, Esbjerg and Sonderborg.

FMS trains operation and maintenance engineers within the Danish education maskinmester, a Bachelor’s degree in engineering. We refer to this as the OME Bachelor's Programme.

The college has approximately 550 engineering students at 3 campuses.


The main campus is in Fredericia, situated in a nerve centre of transportation, production and exports. At this location you also find the college’s knowledge centre specialising in operation and maintenance. 

Fredericia is part of the so-called Triangle Region in the heart of Denmark, which is an area defined by industry and growth. Furthermore, the Port of Fredericia is a dynamic shipping hub with a large container terminal.


The second campus is in Esbjerg on Denmark’s west coast, a city known as Denmark’s energy metropolis.

Esbjerg is known for its vibrant oil and gas industry and the ever-expanding offshore industry. Denmark’s most significant players on the global energy market are based in Esbjerg. Furthermore, the Port of Esbjerg is the leading port in Europe when it comes to shipping wind turbines.


In the summer of 2022, students were accepted into the Bachelor's programme for the very first time in Sonderborg (Danish: Sønderborg), close to Denmark's historical borderland.

The Sonderborg area is known for industrial companies within the tech or energy industry. This matches the qualifications of FMS graduates perfectly and thus, we are very excited to become part of this area.

FMS values

We are proud to say that even though FMS has grown into a college of a considerable size, we still manage to maintain an intimate study environment. Our values are vital. They are: Competence, innovation, closeness and commitment.

What we offer

The OME Bachelor's Programme. Currently, this is only offered in Danish.

Knowledge Centre og Operation & Maintenance. Our Fredericia campus is home to our Knowledge Centre which offers an array of further training for technicians of different backgrounds. Most courses are only offered in Danish, however, we currently offer training for the data centre industry in English.


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