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Thanks to our collaboration with EPI, a registered Certification Body, we offer training for the data centre industry in English.

EPI develops and offers a wide range of globally accredited certified data centre professional training courses such as CDCP / CDCS / CDCE / CDFOS / CDFOM / CDRP / CDMS / CTDC / CTIA / CTEA.

EPI courses enable organisations to educate and align their staff on data centre design principles, data centre efficiency, green data centre principles, data centre management, data centre operations management, security management, disaster recovery management, data centre migration, and ANSI/TIA-942 design and audit.

EPI courses can be held at FMS with EPI instructors.

Please use the formular to register for an EPI-course. Information about all of the above is available on the EPI website.


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Please state which EPI training course you whish to register for and the dates. You can find more information about the courses on www.epi-ap.com
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